About Us

The Team:

Martin Harries

  • CEO of Meliora Medical BV
  • 30 years spine market experience in senior managerial positions.
  • Involved in all aspects of commercialising four spinal disc arthroplasties products from start-up company to exit.

Prof. Dr. Keita Ito

  • Co-Inventor of Biomimetic TDR concept
  • Ph.D. from MIT
  • M.D. from Harvard Medical School
  • Former Vice Director AO Research Institute, Davos
  • Prof of Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Eindhoven university of Technology.

Jurgen De Hart

  • Founder of Meliora Medical BV
  • Founder and Current CEO of Lifetec Group BV
  • A proven entrepreneur who has taken Lifetec Group from start to a successful niche business

Surgeon Advisory Panel

Robert Hes

Keita Ito

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Meliora Medical – The pursuit of better

– Proven managerial team
– Expert market knowledge
– Patented Unique Product
– Global business strategy
– Growth Strategy with additional Product line

Achieved Milestones

– Scientific research completed.
– Material research and prototype design achieved.
– Prototype for lumbar disc developed
– Patented technology.

Functional assessment achieved:

– Technological and commercial feasibility demonstrated.
– Two independent patent researches proved freedom-to-operate patentability.

The strength and durability of the biomimetic AID were evaluated, and its axial deformation behaviour was compared to that of a natural disc. It demonstrated that the AID remained intact up to 15kN in quasi-static axial compression, ensuring a strength exceeding the maximum in vivo force. In addition, the AID remained intact for 10 million cycles of a relatively high compressive load, 3-5 times the normal daily loading. Hence, the BioAID-C complies with ISO standards and is, therefore considered mechanically safe.